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KCL Tech is King’s College London’s dedicated Technology society, bringing together students with different skill sets from various disciplines to create an innovative and supportive community, sharing passions from AI to IoT.

Relaunched in 2022, the society has quickly built up a reputation for having exciting events from hosting TechSummit - the UK’s biggest student entrepreneur career fair, to running multiple hackathons (e.g. HackKing’s, FirstYearHack) as well as providing weekly workshops and talks with industry. What’s more, all of our events are free.

Each week sees one of our specialism heads (representing AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Engineering, Media, Gaming, FinTech, HealthTech, and more) take over the society to promote their area of tech through events and media.

The society has quickly become the go to place for connecting with students interested in tech, with multiple opportunities shared through us each week, and now with the launch of our Opportunity Board, students know our website is the first place to look. Contact us at

Who are we?

Students from King's College London, coming from a range of backgrounds, passionate about all areas of technology from AI to IoT.

What do we do?

We connect students and industry, organise events and workshops to develop skills and expertise relevant to current tech trends.

How to join?

Any KCL Student can become a member for free here. Stay Connected by following our Social Media and signing up to our Newsletter.




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Upcoming Events

Learn about the basics of the Unity Game Engine and C# in this beginner friendly session.

Latest Blog Posts

Welcome to KCL Tech's HealthTech Specialism!

In our tech-driven world, our HealthTech realm is like a bustling hub where innovation meets caring for patients.

HealthTech is this fantastic fusion of technology and healthcare. It's not just changing things; it's revolutionising everything from electronic health records to AI-powered diagnoses, promising huge leaps forward in medicine.

At the heart of HealthTech, it's all about teamwork. We bring together brilliant minds from computer science, data analytics, medicine, and engineering. It's like a big playground where ideas collide, sparking creativity and working together in exciting ways.

Sure, HealthTech has its challenges—ethical dilemmas, making sure everyone gets fair access—but hidden within those challenges are chances to grow, learn, and really make a difference.

Join our vibrant community passionate about using technology for healthcare. Whether you're a pro in the field or just getting started, KCLTech's HealthTech team is open to everyone, no matter your background or expertise.

Come with us on this journey into the future of healthcare tech. KCLTech's HealthTech invites you to explore new paths, dream up innovative solutions, and be part of transforming healthcare.

Explore. Innovate. Transform. Welcome to KCLTech's HealthTech Specialism.

Useful Info:

o	Join us and @kingsmedtech @kclbsa for 'Beyond Devices’ - a captivating HealthTech screening followed with networking ????
o	Date: Wed 29 Nov 
o	Time: 1:30-3:30 
o	Venue: BH SE AR E
o	Huzzle Link:

Write your own blog:

Shakib Chowdhury
(Head of HealthTech Specialism)

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The Smart Way To Learn: Using ChatGPT

Welcome! In this blog, we'll explore five valuable ways ChatGPT can assist you in your education, ensuring a safe and effective learning experience:

Tip 1: Understand Complex Concepts 

Struggling to grasp a difficult concept? ChatGPT can be your helpful tutor! If you need help with understanding complex concepts, simply ask ChatGPT to explain it in a more accessible way. However, always remember to cross-reference the explanations with reliable sources like lecture slides and textbooks to validate the accuracy of the information.

Tip 2: Seek Practical Examples 

Sometimes, theoretical knowledge can feel abstract without real-world applications. When researching a topic, don't hesitate to ask ChatGPT for practical examples. These examples can bridge the gap between theory and practice, making the subject more relatable and understandable.

Tip 3: Generate Additional Practice Questions 

Have you already done all the practice questions provided for a particular topic? Well, ChatGPT can help you by generating more similar questions based on the ones you already have. By tackling these additional questions, you can reinforce your understanding and improve your skills. You can then ask for the answer once you have completed the list of questions that ChatGPT has given you.

Tip 4: Create Custom Mock Papers 

Preparing for an exam or test? You can use GPT-4 to your advantage! Provide the content you want to be tested on, and GPT-4 can generate a whole mock paper for you. This personalised practice can be an excellent way to assess your knowledge and identify areas that need further attention.

Note: You will need to pay some money to use GPT-4, but if it feels like it’s worth it then by all means purchase it

Tip 5: Collaborate on Learning Projects 

Education is often more engaging and effective when shared with others. ChatGPT can facilitate collaborative learning by helping you brainstorm ideas, refine projects, or even simulate discussions with virtual peers. 

With these 5 top tips you can make your learning experience a lot easier no matter what degree you do!

Until next time :)

Useful Links:

Write your own blog:

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Event Recap: KCL Tech & UCL Engineering Society 3D Printing Workshop

On November 15th, KCL Tech partnered with the UCL Engineering Society to host a collaborative 3D printing workshop aimed at bringing together students from both KCL and UCL.

The workshop kicked off with an introduction to the world of 3D printing, showcasing a range of FDM 3D printers available in the lab: the Flsun QQS, Ender 3 neo, Anet A8, and the Wasp. Students received a hands-on tutorial on the basics of handling these printers.

Following the introduction, attendees delved into Thingiverse, a platform abundant with diverse 3D models. With 10 minutes to explore, students selected models spanning from adorable animals to intricate jewellery and characters from their favourite shows!

The focus then shifted to a tutorial on Ultimaker Cura, a slicing software crucial for translating 3D models into printer instructions. Attendees were guided through the software's interface, learning to integrate new printers and optimise vital settings such as infill, support addition, and build plate adhesion.

Once the models were sliced and ready, the printing began! Students eagerly observed their creations materialising layer by layer, sharing the experience and conversations as they gathered around the printers.

As prints completed, attention turned to the careful removal of prints from the build plate. Attendees were guided through post-print processes, including support removal and refining prints for a polished finish.

The workshop didn’t just impart technical know-how; it served as a social catalyst, fostering collaboration, shared experiences, and creativity among UCL and KCL students. It was an opportunity for diverse individuals to collaborate, learn, and depart with not just newfound 3D printing skills but also their personalised 3D printed models.

Overall, this was an incredible event! We hope to see more of you next time!

Head of Engineering Specialism,
Ra'ad Kawasme

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Latest Opportunities

We are excited to share that Fanvue is seeking passionate engineering interns to join our growing team. Fanvue is a new leading competitor to Onlyfans and Patreon, we have over 1m users and 30,000 creators. We’re backed by major UK angel investors and we’re looking to revolutionise how we empower creators with AI to connect and earn with their fans.

We are building out a small team and are looking for a few interns who are eager to apply their theoretical knowledge to create custom AI solutions that will be used by millions of users.

As an intern at Fanvue, you will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge AI projects alongside experienced engineers and researchers. You’ll gain real world experience as part of a team building something that will actually be used and seen by millions.

We are particularly interested in interns who are passionate about the following:

  -  Extracting platform data to provide AI-related insights and feed purpose-built AIs.
  -  Build and refine text-to-sql pipelines for financial data and insights.
  -  Refining LLM system prompts to customize AI personas.
  -  Fine-tuning LLMs to refine AI personas.
  -  Be part of a team that is pushing the boundaries of AI applications in social platforms.

If you are a student with a strong interest in AI and a passion for solving real-world problems, we encourage you to reach out and have a chat with our team!
Please send an email to if you’re interested, attach a CV if you have one or similar and we’ll look to organise a call with one of our engineers.

We would like to work with some members of KCL Tech society using AI to create and maintain HealthTech Apps which would improve efficiency of operations in Primary Dental Care; Job enhancement; course/mentoring advertisement. 

The first objective would be to create a minimal viable product app where experienced advanced dentists could offer their services for in person mentoring to younger dentists in order to enhance their skills. 

Call/whatsapp me for more information: 07972858848 

Dr. Rohit Patel BDS MSc(Dist.) PgDip(AARD) MFDS RCSEd
Dr. Balraj Sohal BDS(Hons)

This Spring Week Programme is designed to give students a first-hand opportunity to understand the skills and knowledge needed, as well as build a network with Maven employees and immerse yourself into their friendly and rewarding culture. 

This programme is aimed at getting more women into Technology and Trading, however is open to all applicants! 

Maven are looking for students in their first year of study of a three-year course or second year of a four-year course, from any STEM background. 

For more details there is a Zoom Information Session (details below):

Women in Trading - Wednesday 29th - 2:30pm

Women in Technology - Thursday 30th - 11am

BGF is hiring for their Early-Stage team in London, and are looking for 2024 & 2025 graduates who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship, investing and finance. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the industry and gain insight into the world of investment, with a potential graduate role on the cards after the 8 weeks over summer. 

They are also hiring into 8 other offices in the Growth team throughout the country which is ideal for applicants based outside of London. 

Note: For students looking for opportunities outside of investing, more roles will be opening up towards mid-December.

This is an amazing annual event, in the Macadam Building MB2.2 with UG, PG and PhD students coming together in 10 groups guided by expert mentors.
It provides an amazing opportunity for students to use and improve their technical skills in a real-world environment, plus refining presentation expertise whilst also networking and sharing best practice and ideas with peers from King’s and other universities including NYU, UCL, Newcastle and Glasgow.
On the final afternoon, students present their findings to: Academics, Other students, and several of our Private and Public Sector Partners.
All refreshments and lunches are provided free.

Location:Macadam Building MB2.2
Date: 20th-23rd February 2024

Are you a confident, outgoing student studying at King's College London?
Do you want to improve your leadership, organisational and time-management skills?
Do you want to earn £100+? We want you in our team!

The Times Final Year Student Survey team are looking for students to work as Interviewers on our upcoming project. The role requires you to find 25 final year students at King's College London and carry out a short face to face interview about their graduate job hunt.

Leading graduate employers – including Allen & Overy, the Civil Service, PwC and Bank of America – are all invested in the results of this survey, and use it to inform their future graduate recruitment campaigns. This is your chance to have your voice heard!

*All tasks will be fully completed by March 2024 – therefore final year exams will not be disrupted.

Interviewer Role Details:
• Completed in early February 2024 for a 10 day period
• Attend a short on-campus training session to learn Survey methodology
• Find 25 final year students studying at King's College London and carry out a short interview (15-20 mins)
• Report your progress to your University Manager

Successful candidates will:
• Possess a wide network of contacts within their department, societies and/or student networks
• Work independently, delivering the task at hand on time and to a high standard
• Plan and organise effectively alongside their studies, working to a short deadline
• Be outgoing and confident with strong communication skills

Role Benefits:
• Experience in leadership, project management and organisation
• Competitive pay of £100+ with bonuses available for performance
• Flexible working hours: 8 hours to be completed at any time across 10 days
• A full CV reference from The Times Final Year Student Survey team

This role is aimed at final year undergraduate and integrated masters students. 

Note: There is no set deadline for this - applications are processed as they are received and are closed once a suitable candidate at each individual university has been found.

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